Weaponology Review: Triple Barrel Shotguns

Double barrel shotguns are a familiar sight but why settle for 2 when you can have three?
Triple barrel
In January 2013 Turkish gun maker Chiappa introduced two 12-gauge triple barrel shotguns. Both have “Rem-choke” and a 3″ x 3″ Magnum capacity, but the Triple Crown boasts three 28″ barrels, while the Triple Threat’s measure 18-1/2″.  The Threat also includes a wooden stock that can be partly disassembled, as it is intended as a home defense weapon. The Crown should put a glint in the eyes of sportsmen.
1374338_1518334985090258_6638925031621809697_nNeither shotgun has a barrel selector, but rather fire clockwise, beginning with the lower right barrel. They aren’t the first triple barrel guns to be released, as shotgun and rifle combination guns called Drillings gained popularity after WWI in Europe.  However, someone who has presumably gazed upon a lot of gun barrels noted in a review that they may be the first 3 barrelers with this particular capacity and configuration.

triple barrel
Check  out their website for more details: http://www.chiappafirearms.com/products/135


November 18, 2014


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