Choose your weapons – the Zombies are here!


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Zombies are here! OK not for real but at least there back on the  box in the form of the hit TV show Walking Dead.  Since its release back in 31 October 2010 it has gathered massive momentum, so much so that many weapons manufacturers have jumped on the Zombie Wagon and released special edition Zombie weapons.

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Love them or hate them, Zombies do prod the imagination when it comes to what weapons to carry in the event that the undead start to walk the earth in their endless search for human flesh.

So here it is, we are in the USA and the dead have risen, I’ve chosen the US as they have an abundance of guns and ammo and all things weapon-related for us zombie slayers to beg, borrow or steal.

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So to all you zombie haters, apocalypse preppers and survivalists here is my question, if you could only have 3 weapons to keep you safe from the wrotting jaws of hungry Zombies, what weapons would you choose?

But bear these points in mind before making your list:

  1. Ammunition is not guaranteed so eventually you will run out of what you initially have. So no point having a 50-cal desert eagle, as those rounds would be fairly rare
  2. You must be able to carry all 3 weapons on your person and function in day-to-day situations, so no point having a predator style mini gun unless you have muscles like Arnie

I have pondered my list and come up with this:

  1. 9mm Gloch 19 with 32 round high cap mag – reasons are 1) amo is relatively light and easy to find due to its popularity 2) it’s handy for close situations and 3) with the 32 round mag gives a potential 32 downed zombies
  2. Japanese Katana – reason is the long reach light weight razor sharp (its worked for Michonne really well, need I say more)
  3. Hoyt Carbon Spyder compound bow – reasons 1)  I’m an archer so am used to bows 2) it’s silent, with plenty of range and accuracy 3) it is compact and very light weight 4) the arrows are easy to carry – 30+ without too much weight or volume and 5) I think it would be easy to make arrows if I run out, just need some sort of rod to sharpen  and tie some flights on to  job done more ammo

3 zombie choice



There you have it that’s my choice, so let’s have yours.  Just enter you choices in the comments box on the weaponology zombie apocalypse Facebook post, and just to make it more fun we will pick someones weapons choice at randon  and give the lucky Zombie Slayer some Webtex paracord items,  as shown in the picture.



October 20, 2014


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